Commissioning Committee Meeting Recap / Chairman’s Reception Decision

Great Commissioning Committee meeting today.    The meeting was attended by nearly all the members, either in person or on the dial-in line.  Highlights included:

  • We received a fantastic ships update from the PERALTA CO (CDR Brian Ribotta) and the Commissioning Coordinator (LCDR Armstrong).  The crew has moved aboard the ship and begun training for their upcoming inspections and certifications.  All is progressing well for their departure from Bath Maine later this year and transit back to San Diego.  The Commissioning date of 29 July is on track.
  • Decision on location for the Chairman’s Friday Evening reception.   The Chairman’s Friday evening reception will be held at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina (Harbor View).  This is the same location that was used for the USS San Diego’s reception and worked out exceptionally.   The banquet room is very large, easily accommodating the estimated 500 people who will be attending.  There is good parking at the hotel and the price was very competitive with other venues.  The Chairman’s Friday reception is attended by VIP’s and other supporters of the commissioning week.  For security reasons and to manage the size of the event, attendance is by invitation only.  Information on how you can get on the list to be invited to the Friday Chaiman’s Reception can be found by clicking here.
  • Saturday pre-commissioning breakfast.  We are planning on holding the pre-commissioning VIP breakfast at the I-bar on North Island and are in the process of locking down that location.  The Saturday pre-commissioning breakfast is attended by many VIP’s and supporters.  For security reasons and to manage the size of the event, this event also is attended by invitation only.  Information on how you can get on the list to be invited can be found by clicking here.
  • We received a quick update on the Budget status from the Finance Committee.  Donations have begun to flow in supporting the commissioning.  And the expenses have begun to accrue.  The budget remains in good shape, but continued effort is needed.
  • Public Affairs provided a quick update on the events from this past month and also on the upcoming events.  Jack Harkins, discussed the “kits” he’s assembled to help promote the commissioning.  He will work to stage the two kits at the San Diego Navy League office so they can easily be picked up by Commissioning Committee members to support events and meetings.  Bob Kopas discussed the website and how upcoming events where the commissioning committee will be briefing the commissioning are listed under the Commissioning Committee tab on the website.  To see the page with upcoming commitments, click here.
  • Events Committee also discussed how they’ve started to look at catering options for the Post Commissioning reception and also a brief discussion was held with the ship on the Sponsor’s luncheon and the Commissioning Committee reception on the ship.
  • We received a brief update from the Gifts committee.  The sponsors gift is in progress and other gifts for supporters are on track.  In future meetings we’ll get an update on the Plankowner Plaque and the Commissioning Coin status — currently we are working to make sure it remains within budget.  Also discussed was where we’ll store the various items before passing them out and also how distribution will occur.  It was decided that gifts for the Chairman’s circle will be distributed at the Chairman’s reception (as is typically done at commissionings).  And gifts for other donors will be mailed out and possibly distributed at another venue — more to follow on this at future meetings.
  • Brief discussion of invitation status.  Derek Barksdale is researching a company to merge/stuff the envelopes.  The letters otherwise are ready to go out as discussed by Phillip Marsden.
  • Finally Bob Kopas discussed future commissionings in San Diego — USS MONSOOR (DDG 1001)  (sponsored by Coronado Navy League) in Summer 2018; and the USS OMAHA (LCS 12) (sponsored by the Omaha Nebraska Navy League and assisted by San Diego Navy League) in Fall 2017.
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