Common Questions we've been asked

Commissioning Ceremony Questions.

 The Commissioning Ceremony is an official US Navy Event.  Questions can only be answered by the US Navy Commissioning Support Team -- please do not send questions on the ceremony to the Commissioning Committee.
  • I haven't received my Invitation/RSVP Package yet.  What's up?  RSVP package mailings started in early June.  There will be multiple batches being mailed out by the Navy.  If you submitted your request for tickets via this website or are a commissioning week sponsor, a status of invitations for each event is available on the Schedule page under that individual event.
  • When should I receive my tickets to the Commissioning Ceremony?  Tickets are required for each person attending the ceremony.  Ceremony tickets will be mailed after the Navy has received your RSVP.  Ticket mailings and additional information will be mailed after June 29th.  If you have not received your ceremony tickets and it is "getting down to the wire" due to travel requirements or other situations, please email or phone the hotline at 228-935-6671.  This email address and phone number are for CEREMONY TICKETS ONLY -- they cannot help with invitations to the Friday reception or Commissioning breakfast.
  • How many tickets should I receive?  You should receive one ticket for each guest that you indicated on your RSVP.  EVERY guest requires their own ticket.
  • What if I need extra tickets to the commissioning ceremony beyond what I RSVP'd for?  Send an email to with your request.
  • I forgot to RSVP and lost my invitation, what should I do? Send an email to with your request.
  • What should I wear to the Commissioning Ceremony?  See our Schedule Page.  Each event has recommended attire.  Pay special attention to the comments about Ships Tours and Security Access on the bottom of the page!  Also, please remember that July can be warm in San Diego.  The ceremony will be relatively short (approximately 1-2 hours) but we still recommend you stay hydrated and consider wearing sun screen.  The seating areas are typically not covered.  Some water will be available at the ceremony and post commissioning reception.
  • What time is the commissioning ceremony?  How early should I arrive?  The ceremony will start promptly at 10:00 AM on July 29th.  We recommend that all guests arrive early to ensure you can get thru Security and get seated.  8:30 AM is a recommended time to arrive.
  • Who is the principal speaker?  Typically principal speakers at a commissioning ceremony are senior government or military officials.  We are waiting to hear back who the speaker will be -- typically we will not find out until about a week before the ceremony.   
  • Will I be able to tour the ship?  Security posture permitting, commissioning ceremony guests are invited to tour designated areas on the ship after a commissioning ceremony.  Please make sure you pay special attention to the ship tour requirements on the bottom of our Schedule Page.
  • How do I get to the ceremony?  From : Interstate 5 (North or South) at Exit 14, take the California Route 75 West/Coronado Bay Bridge exit lanes.  Cross the big blue bridge, proceed through toll booths (no toll required) and continue on 3rd Avenue until you arrive at the VADM Stockdale Gate. Once aboard NAS North Island, follow signs and the directions of security personnel to event parking.
  • Can I bring a Camera?  Cameras (including video cameras) are permitted in the audience seating area.
  • How many people will be at the ceremony?  We are anticipating about 3000 guests at the Commissioning Ceremony.  Please make sure you arrive early so you can get thru security screening and to your seating area.

Commissioning Breakfast and Chairman's Reception Questions

The Commissioning Breakfast and Chairman's Reception are hosted by the Commissioning Committee which is chartered by the San Diego Navy League.  Questions regarding these events should be directed only to the Commissioning Committee contacts identified below.  The Navy cannot help with these events but must refer questions to the commissioning committee.
  • I haven't received an invitation to any events, why?  RSVP packages for Commissioning Week events other than the Commissioning Ceremony will be sent out via email Evite in the middle of July.  In select cases where an email address is not available, these event RSVP packages will be sent via US Mail.  Instructions on how to RSVP are included.  We regret that not everyone can be invited since invitations to these events are strictly controlled due to the size of the event location and associated event cost (which is funded by donations to Navy League, San Diego Council).  Select Donors (based on donation level), the Ships Sponsor and some of her guests, some VIP's, Commissioning Committee members, platform guests and a select group of ships company are typically invited.
  • I would like to invite more people to the Pre-Commissioning Breakfast or the Friday Chairman's reception, how can I do that?  As mentioned above, attendance at these events is strictly controlled due to space availability.  Requests for additional tickets/invitations will be handled on a case by case basis and may not be known until the last minute and will be determined based on how many other RSVP's are declined by other individuals.  Due to the demand for invitations to these events, it is not anticipated many more will become available.  The breakfast is more likely to have spots become available than the Friday Chairman's reception.  Requests may be submitted via email to the RSVP email address provided on your invitation to those events. 
  • Should I expect an invitation to the Post Commissioning Reception?  No.  The Post Commissioning reception is open to all attendees at the Commissioning Ceremony.
  • How can I contact someone about the Chairman's Reception or Commissioning Breakfast?  For questions we have not been able to answer here, please email
  • What should I wear to the an event?  See our Schedule Page.  Each event has recommended attire.  Pay special attention to the comments about Ships Tours and Security Access on the bottom of the page!  
  • What time are the events?  How early should I arrive?  See our Schedule Page.  
  • How will I get from the Commissioning Breakfast to the Ceremony?  How will I get back to my car at the end?  Transportation will be provided between the breakfast and the ceremony and after the  Ceremony back to the parking area.  Transportation is scheduled to leave the Breakfast to the ceremony at 9:15.  Invited guests are asked to make sure they are at the Breakfast no later than 9:00 am.
  • If I go to the breakfast, how do I make sure I get a seat at the ceremony?   Breakfast participants will have a seating area reserved for them.  They are taken directly to the pier via a private entrance to allow easy access to the seating area.  If you have guests who are not attending the breakfast that you would like to sit with, we recommend you have them save you a seat and then proceed there vice to the reserved block of seats.

General Questions

The answers to questions below are provided by the Commissioning Committee.  They are not official US Government or US Navy endorsements of any business.
  • I've never been to San Diego.  Is there Visitors Information available?  YES.  Please click here for more information.
  • Are there any Hotels that you recommend?  There are many fine hotels in San Diego.   One of the hotels we recommend is the Sheraton on Harbor Island, which is a supporter of the commissioning and where the Friday Chairman's reception is being held.