Commissioning update briefed to United Veterans Council

On Saturday November 26th Committee member Jack Harkins gave the United Veterans Council of San Diego an initial briefing on the future USS RAFAEL PERALTA commissioning effort.  Jack presented a brief which contained slides about the DDG-115,  what it means to be an Honorary Plankowner, the commissioning week events and how anyone who was interested could participate in the commissioning week events.  The UVC had about 80+ members in attendance, many of whom were retired / former Navy who are involved / interested in supporting the Military and Veterans.  As expected, very few had heard about the Summer 2017 commissioning — but that will change as the Committee does more of these events and ramps up our Public Affairs efforts in the next few months.  According to Jack, the interest was high and he answered a few good questions.  Many Thanks to Jack Harkins for setting this up and presenting.

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