First Sponsor Onboard

Maine Imaging has volunteered to help our Commissioning effort and donate pictures they’ve taken of the future USS RAFAEL PERALTA.  They are also our first official Sponsor.  Maine Imaging is based in Maine and serves the New England Area.  They specialize in aerial photography, gyro stabilized aerial video and video production.  Attached are some tremendous pictures of the future USS RAFAEL PERALTA that they took while the ship was under construction, during the Alpha Trials and during the BRAVO Trials from a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).  As the future USS RAFAEL PERALTA continues their trials and eventually sail away, we hope to get more of these tremendous shots which we’ll post to keep everyone up to date.



BRAVO TRIALS (Aerial UAV Pictures)

All photos courtesy of Maine Imaging.  Photo’s are for use by commissioning committee and are not authorized for redistribution.  If a high resolution or printed photo is desired, please contact Maine Imaging email:

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